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At Exposure Hero, we understand that providing your billing address may sometimes seem like an additional step or an intrusion. However, we require your billing address for several important reasons like verification and fraud prevention: Collecting your billing address also helps us when we create proposals and agreements and it's a requirement for legally binding documentation.

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Now we have the boring stuff out of the way, tell us about your project. When providing an overview, please don't be shy. Let us know your expectations because the more we know, the better!

Give us some Inspiration. Provide at least 2 websites you like the look and feel of. This is where we will draw inspiration from.

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If you have an existing Wix account or website hosted on the Wix platform, please provide us partner access to view the current state. Instructions on how to provide access can be found here: Adding a Collaborator to Your Wix Site. Please ensure you provide us with the Website Manager role.