Wix Roles & Permissions: Overview

Invite people to collaborate on your site, and assign roles based on their expertise. Each role comes with a set of permissions, so you can control who can make changes to your site and dashboard. As their access needs change, you can update their role, or create a new role with tailored access.

🟡 You can access Roles and Permissions from Settings in your site’s dashboard. 

Roles & Permissions #

When you invite people to collaborate on your site, you assign roles to suit their access needs. Your Manage Roles page shows the roles available for your site. Beneath each role title is a permission summary, to confirm the access the role grants. 

Each site has an Owner role, and General Roles for managerial support. The additional roles available in your dashboard are based on the Wix apps you use on your site. With Wix Blog, for example, you can give a collaborator a Blog Editor, Blog Writer, or Guest Writer role. 

🟢 There are currently certain limitations for all site collaborators.

Site Owner Role #

The Owner role is assigned to the person who created the site, or received site ownership. Owners can manage and make changes to everything on the site and in the dashboard. You can’t duplicate or edit the role, and you can only reassign the role by transferring the site to a new owner.

General Role for Site Management #

General Roles have management-level permissions for co-owners, web designers, and back office support.

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Updated on November 1, 2023