Adding Comments to Your Wix Site

When you open the email link, you can view and leave comments on specific areas of your website. Leaving feedback using this tool is an easy way for us to incorporate your revisions.

Important: It is not possible to add comments from a mobile browser.

To Add Comments to Your Site

  1. Choose how you want to open the Get Feedback app:
    • From the email: Click View Site from the invite email titled: “You’re invited to give feedback on the [site name] website”
    • From the shareable link: Paste the Get Feedback URL into your browser. 
  2. Browse through the site to review it. 
  3. Click + Add Comments at the top right.
  4. Click the Comment icon  and drag it to the relevant area.
  5. Enter your name in the My Name field. 
  6. (Optional) Enter your email address so you can receive notifications when the site owner or collaborator replies. 
  7. Enter your comment in the Add your comment field.
  8. Click Post.  
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Updated on October 29, 2023